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reunión de negocios

Public Affairs

Nowadays, society asks for higher demands and transparency. Then, it is our duty, to establish a common point of interest based in reliability.

It is essential to establish a dialogue channel with the realms in charge of the decision making in order to build a solid vision of the State as a whole.

A speech aligned to the previously known interests will be made by a strategic design. Its objective will be to develop a firm relation between the competents parts.

-Parliamentary system monitoring
-Experience in identifying players, politic map analysis and influential areas
-Political and economical context comprehension at a national and international level
-Public Relations
-Politics definition depending on the circumstantial scenario
-Institutional relations analysis 
-Corporate Social Responsibility
-Consultoría alineamiento SDGs y referentes globales
-Institutional event’s organization 

Antena parabólica

Infrastructure and energy project developers

We analyze the macroeconomic variants and alternatives to understand changing dynamics forms in other economies worldwide. 


We support and accompany every client’s management to identify investment opportunities, concrete potential new businesses and assess them on infrastructure and energy projects..

-Financial framing and management for energy and infrastructure project investment.
-Review, drafting and execution of energetic policies for national and subnational levels
-Energetic field regulation
-Evaluation, development and management for investment projects in energy and energetic infrastructure
-Private microeconomic project evaluation
-External activity context evaluation
-Strategic business plans
-Project document building for the presentation for multilateral credit organisms
-Econometric studies, design and processing of surveys
-Social and economic review of projects
-Economic and financial review of projects
-Evaluation of the impact of public policies

-Investment opportunities review, business cases identification and technical, legal-regulatory, and financial-economic feasibility.

-International, national and subnational bidding process’ preparation. Appeal to investing interests, signing contracts and training business rounds.


International trade

 In such a competitive and changing global economy and in order to decide correctly according to world trade trends, it is elementary to keep related to the economic scenario.
Our focus in this area is the growth of medium, small and micro entreprise which are willing to venture in international trade importing products or exporting their brand or product.

Solutions and specialized services may evolve from a statement previously based on an exhaustive operation and tracking of its business or product.  This is backed up by the investigations made on the bilateral trade agreements or the ones made in MERCOSUR. These surveys provide the growth of the export process as well as economical strategic association at international level, by the productive chaining, chain value or other mechanisms. 

-Integral asess in foreign trade
-Digital strategies and tools for exporting SMEs
-Exports’ promotion 
-Operating intermediation for import and export
-Buying management for import
-Product commercialization guarantee in the international market
-Participation in trade fairs and missions
-Custom services
-International shipping through different means of transport
-On-site and online training

Our international commerce service has two fields:

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