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About us 

We are a consulting firm with high experience in institutional relations of the civil and corporate society with public matters at national and international level. 

We know that in order to succeed at business, it is essential to understand not only Argentina’s political and socioeconomic context but also MERCOSUR’s and its alliance to different nations as well as countries which wish to commercialize and enhance strategic economical bonds with Argentina.

We know that the strategies to carry out an efficient dialogue between the interested parties are based on trust and direct relationship with public authorities.
Through constant analysis and monitoring, the best services will be established in pursuit of the operations and investments of the organization / client.

Interaction with the State, stakeholders and the Third Sector will allow planning a firm and clear strategy that will have a positive impact on the business field, without forgetting Corporate Social Responsibility, SDG alignments and global references.

We are not alone, we have associated with other local and international consulting firms, mostly directed by women, specialized in the development of economic and financial projects in the Infrastructure and Energy field, Business management, institutional relations and foreign trade brokers. 

It is essential to keep focus in improving as much as possible the positioning of the business or client to get round obstacles and adversities which may come in the way of the different fields mentioned above. 



Founder and CEO of VELRI Consulting. President of FEPESNA. Ex-Ambassador. She served as Representative of Women's issues and Director of the Unit for the Promotion and Support of the Exporter Entrepreneur (UPAEX) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship.

Laura Velasquez


Economist. Diplomatic. Representative of the Asian Chamber. Former Argentine Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand.

Felipe Frydman

Nancy 040.jpg

Journalist. Political analyst. She held the position of Head of the Political and Government Section in Agencies TÉLAM, Noticias Argentinas and Interdiarios.

Nancy Sosa


Lic. Mariana Traussnigg .jpeg

Founding partner of the consulting firm Trama. Graduate. in Economics UBA - Graduate in Educational Organization and Management Uni Austral - Master in Management.

Mariana Traussnigg


Customs Broker. Founder and Director of Graciela Rovera - Foreign Trade + Business, from the province of Mendoza, Argentina. President of Foreign Trade of the Economic Federation of Mendoza province, Argentina. Representative of the RED Came Latam.

Graciela Rovera


Founding partner of the LeaderShip consultancy. Director of District 1 of the Argentine Rural Society. Member of the Sheep Cooperative. Member of the Argentine Agricultural Board of the province of Buenos Aires.

Nora Fraschini

Foto Maria Carla Bilos.jpeg

Founding partner of the LeaderShip consultancy. Public accountant. Postgraduate in "Executive Program in Management of Small and Medium Enterprises and Family Businesses".

Carla Bilos


Founding partner of the LeaderShip consultancy. Public accountant. Postgraduate in "Executive Program in Management of Small and Medium Enterprises and Family Businesses".

Paula Córdova

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